SinkFix Direct

SinkFix Direct


  • Easy and Fast to install
  • Only 8mm installation hole required
  • For use in Solid Brick and Block walls
  • Basin Height Adjustable

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SinkFix Direct is a sanitary wash basin fixing designed to be easier and quicker to install, with less plastic than traditional fixings. It’s a re-invention but there are lots of benefits for installers to do a quicker and easier job, at the same cost as standard wash basin fixing bolts, whilst SinkFix Direct+ is the same but the Hex Driver Tool is included in the box.

The difference is the concrete screw thread means you don’t need to drill a large 14mm hole which can potentially damage poor brickwork and make accuracy more difficult, plus a 14mm masonry bit is not necessarily an item that an engineer or DIY-er would have as standard in their toolbox. With SinkFix Direct, you just use an 8mm masonry bit, drill the hole and drive the thread in via the hex end with the hex driver tool (included in the SinkFix Direct+ box). There is no tricky little spanner trying to screw the thread into the wall plug.

It also comes with our unique wash basin nylon bushings which have wings instead of a hex end, meaning you can just turn it by hand and hold it while tightening up the flange nut instead of having two spanners under the basin.

This isn’t rocket science but these small installation features have huge advantages over traditional basin bolts. Direct screwing into concrete without the use of a wall plug is becoming more recognised these days and has plenty of advantages, not only reducing plastic consumption but increasing the strength of the fixing itself. The screws are specially ceramic coated which is a stronger coating than both HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanised) and ZP (Zinc Plating).

Sitting underneath a sink with tiny spanners when you can’t see what you’re working on is awkward and frustrating. For plumbers and bathroom installers who do this day-to-day these direct bolts are a game changer


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