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SinkFix FAQs

Standard sanitary fixings are great if you have a perfect solid wall, however, if the wall is plasterboard or if the brickwork/mortar is poor quality/crumbly it can be very difficult to obtain a good fixing especially when having to drill a rather large 14mm hole for the wall plug! and getting the two bolts perfectly aligned horizontally can be tricky.

SinkFix® does away with all these problems having multiple fixing points. Using smaller but more fixings you are able to fix on solid points of your wall and in the case of plasterboard much more likely to find the stud (which we recommend on all plasterboard installations). SinkFix® has been specially designed for ease of installation by both the DIY’er and the professional, it is full adjustable and its load bearing design ensures that even the heaviest sink or basin will be supported. As wall hung basins can be upwards of 30Kgs this is crucial.

The Special SinkFix® bolts adjust from side to side to 300mm apart ensuring that most wash basin fixing mouldings are accounted for. The SinkFix® nylon eccentric ‘wing’ bushings are unique, allowing for easy installation and wash basin left and right height adjustments.

Quite simply put SinkFix® is the most adjustable and installer friendly wash basin fixing on the market today.

Yes, SinkFix is perfect for plasterboard walls due to it many fixing point and load bearing design, however we still recommend you find a ’wooden/metal stud’ to screw into, which you are much more likely to do with the positioning of the 15 multi-fixing points.

Yes absolutely, again with fixing hole choice you will be able to find a good solid piece of brickwork to get a decent fixture.

Not necessarily, it really depends on the wall you are fixing too, we would probably recommend around 7 fixing points. If in any doubt, we suggest you refer to a qualified professional on any load-bearing issues.

This really depends on a few things, firstly the thickness of the porcelain basin moulding, secondly the thickness of your tiles and thirdly how far back you mount the plate. Over the years we have extended the bolts and are now 65mm which covers most applications, however, for the few applications that need longer bolts such as if you are building a false wall in front of your existing wall then we do have 120mm long bolts as an optional extra.

Please see full technical details on the Technical page.

The plate itself is 370mm wide, so any basin from 400mm and upwards can be fixed.

The bolts adjust from 50mm apart up to 300mm apart, The standard distance on most commercial basins is either 240mm or 280mm apart, which is why we have laser marked these distances on the plate.

Yes you can tile over the plate, however we recommend you tile up to the plate, the reason being that if you change your basin in the future, you have access to the screws to loosen them and then slide the bolts to the new basin distance.

Yes, again with the many fixing hole choices, fixing the plate on top of a pre-tiled surface is fine, you will however have a gap of 3.8mm between the basin and the wall, this can be ’siliconed’.

Unlike traditional fixing methods, SinkFix is highly adjustable, The special eccentric ‘wing’ cam bushing allow and increase/decrease in height of up to 5mm which will compensate if the plate itself isn’t dead level, so you can always achieve a perfect horizontal for your basin. Not only that but the basin itself can move left or right if required before everything is tightened up.

SinkFix Direct FAQs

SinkFix Direct bolts can be driven into solid walls only such as Brick, Block, or Concrete. These are not suitable for plasterboard walls.

The main difference between SinkFix Direct and other sanitary fixing bolts on the market is that they only require an 8mm drill bit and 8mm installation hole.
Traditional bolts require a large 14mm drill bit which can cause damage to poor brickwork and not everyone may have such a large drill bit.

No. Unlike all other wash basin fixings on the market, SinkFix Direct does not require any plastic plugs for install. This allows us to not only reduce the amount of plastic in our products but make the installation hole much smaller and thus installation much easier.

More and more fixing products on the market screw directly into the wall without the need of plastic wall plugs, these are commonly known as concrete screws. The metal is manufactured stronger than traditional fixings for the thread to cut into the brickwork.

On the end of our fixing is a 7mm HEX head driver point which drives the bolts directly into the wall. SinkFix Direct PLUS comes with this tool included.

No. The bolts are made of a high grade steel with a ceramic coating making them harder than both Zinc plated products or HDG products.

SinkFix direct + includes the hex head driver tool within the box, If you already have this tool then we recommend you just buy SinkFix Direct.

120mm bolt FAQs

Yes they were designed specifically for the SinkFix plate for deeper installations.

Yes, these bolts can be cut down as required, we would recommend you screw on the flange nut first, then cut them down then unscrew flange nut, hence maintaining the thread.

For the majority of installations the 65mm standard bolts will be sufficient. Only in the rare case of the porcelain basin/tiles being extra thick or a deeper/false wall installation would extra long bolts be needed. It is not cost effective to include both sets of bolts as standard in every box.

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